Blonde Models Once Again Have a Moment in the Sun: Our Top 6 Favorite Fun-Loving Golden Girls

The UK Times just announced that blonde models are once again in high demand, probably because of the big, gloomy R word and the perception that blondes are more "upbeat" and fun. While we usually think of Coco and Behati (both dark-haired, mind you)'s YouTube escapades as the ultimate in cute, wholesome girls just looking to let loose a little, we couldn't help but let our minds wander to those Christie Brinkley moments where she's letting her hair loose on the back of Billy Joel's bike. So in the name of Uptown blondes who just want to have a little downtown fun, here are our top 6 favorite fun-loving golden gals, from past to present.
Above, from left:
Kate Moss: Any woman who once claimed that there was a time when eating and sleeping were boring to her is our kind of gal.
Agyness Deyn: Not only did her blonde crop get her every ad campaign from Armani to Burberry, but it also got her into every downtown New York nightclub from Beatrice to Sway.
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Above, from left:
Patti Hansen: Wife to Keith Richards, mother to "It" chicks Theodora and Alexandra—what more could you ask for?
Christie Brinkley: In Billy Joel's video, she hangs with muscular crop-top wearing dudes while twirling her mother's skirt, kind of like she'd snuck out of her three-story Park Avenue townhouse to go ride on the back of Billy Joel's bike. We like.
Above, from left:
Jerry Hall: In her heyday, Hall was found paling around town with bad boy Mick Jagger at places like Studio 54 and 21 club, but before she started making the big bucks, she did cabaret with Grace Jones in Paris. We don't know which lady we're more jealous of.
Jessica Stam: Because we caught her running out of the Annex last Saturday night at 3am acting like she was just getting started rather than going to bed.

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