5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 28 2010

Serena and Dan are no longer! Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have split up, apparently because she wanted babies and he didn't. Sounds like a plot right out of Gossip Girl.
(The Celebrity Cafe)

Nordstrom is finally opening a story in NY—he real deal, not Rack—with all proceeds going to charity. We totally admire the sentiment, but we'll be anxious to see how this works out as a business plan. (Elle)
Minimalist boutique Project No. 8 opened a pop-up shop in Tribeca. Conveniently close to our office. We know where we'll be during our lunch hour! (T)
Erin Fetherston's line for Juicy Couture drops November 15. Let's see if it really can save the company—we know some people still like velour! (The Cut)
A new study determined that 98% of Manhattan's public space is "lethally noisy." Well if you can't take the noise, get out of the city. (New York Post)