Blackout Parties: Have You Been Raging In NYC's Dead Zone?

The day after Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, beloved and intrepid reporter Justin Rocket Silverman of The Daily climbed on his bike to create a little video tour of the city's "Dead Zone," the blocks below midtown where the power has shut off and the lights have gone out. Amid the eerily quiet streets, he found a young lady whose bedroom wall feel right off her building, a woman whose survived both Sandy and Katrina, and...what's this...a raging party. Thanks to vintage generators, some DZ spots — including Le Souk — were still banging during the early nights of the blackout. We're actually not all that surprised — New York is a town that stops for nothing (even a national disaster) and we've been hearing tales (and going to) ragers in Alphabet City, Chelsea, the West Village, and more (not to mention the recovering neighborhoods on Brooklyn's L Line.) Some people, bless 'em, just can't be stopped.
So, have you been dancing in the Dead Zone or enjoying candlelit bashes during the city-wide Sandy shutdown? Share your stories (and any recommendations for upcoming events) in the comments below!
Video: Via The Daily.

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