ROFL Video: Black Swan’s Nina Gets A Sassy Gay Friend

He's baaack! We heart Sassy Gay Friend, and we think this might be his funniest video yet—a parody of Black Swan where Nina doesn't die (spoiler alert!!). We kind of wish Nina had actually found a gay friend among the other dancers (seriously...why were they all straight, it's dance?), and gotten her ish together. Peep the video for some pre-lunch belly laughs. Choice quotes below!

"Everything in your life could be improved..." (that's our new catchphrase)
"When you're going to diddle yourself maybe look around the room to check if your Mom is not there." (masturbation 101)
"Buy some nail clippers." (he's right, they are 99 cents)
Nina: "I was perfect!" Sassy Gay Friend: "Were you? Why did you dance an entire act with a piece of mirror stuck in your abdomen." (not a good look)
"You're not a stupid bitch, you're a crazy bitch." (truth)