Landon, Help! How Do I Wear Black In The Summer?

Courtesy of H&M.
Maria writes: "Everyone knows #allblackeverything is my motto when it comes to my daily outfits. But, summer is here and I don't exactly have a closet full of all-black items that were built for warmer temperatures. How do I make this work without sweating my ass off?"

When we think of summer, we usually imagine florals, bright colors, and white sundresses. Not black. Brands don't often focus on black, summery clothes (or if they do, it's some sort of layering piece). Plus, as you might have learned the last time you spent a 90-degree day in a black tank, it can be much hotter wearing black than any other color. But there is a way to do #allblackeverything without walking around fanning yourself constantly.
I could cheat and tell you to just wear a light, black dress, or a comfy pair of black slip-ons. But, you and I both know that all-black means head to toe. So, try this sleeveless black jumpsuit from H&M. This is your single-piece solution because it satisfies your color requirements while keeping those areas more prone to perspiration uncovered. Now, you can walk around the city or hit a beach BBQ without worrying about dried, white pit-stain situations by the evening. (Sorry for the visual, but you know what I'm talking about.) And, the fabric is light enough that even if you get a little sticky throughout the day, all it takes is a passing breeze to air right out. 

To take your jumpsuit from day to night, add a black sneaker or a bedazzled black baseball cap to the mix. Now, you've got your look, and I'm right there with you. I'll forever be the guy who can't wear white without spilling. All-black, on the other hand, is always a good idea.

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