Walk The Vote: These So-Chic Heel-Sneakers Give Back

Fashion and politics have long been intertwined. Whether we’re reminiscing over Jackie O’s pillbox hats (and overall elegance), following Anna Wintour’s fundraising efforts for Obama's campaign (where does she find the time?!?) or saluting our President for instituting a “business casual” weekend dress code in the White House back in 2009, we are as attentive to governmental style as we are to the stimulus package. So, we were thrilled to hear that Be&D collaborated with artist Trong Gia Nguyen on a special edition, Big City Sneaker to profit the Voter Participation Center. All in favor, say “I” (heart fashion).
Nguyen, known for his consumerism-as-illusory-and-playful POV, hand-decorated 99 pairs of white canvas high=top sneakers with the silhouette of a high heeled pump. The colors of the heel range from eye-popping neons, to timeless black, to 24 karat gold leaf. Who says that heels can’t come with a comfort guarantee? We love Nguyen’s witty, sartorial spin on the classic sneak, which feels especially on point with this season’s wedge sneaker trend fully ehem, afoot. And, the sneaker’s not the only thing with political purpose. Nguyen designed a special, graffitied shoebox that works overtime as a two-sided sign (and later, a cool catchall for your special trinkets) sporting the sticky, nonpartisan slogan, “All for one and one for all.” Gee, fashion effectively encourages a similar notion: promote your individual style, while participating in the social vogue.... or something. Consider us politically persuaded.

The Big City Sneaker, $750, available at B&D

Photo: Via Be & D