5 Plus-Size Pant Trends That Are Anything But Basic

Recently, as I was doing my cold-weather clothing swap, I noticed that I had the basic staples covered but was lacking pants that truly reflected my sense of style. I wanted "main character energy" pants. If you're asking yourself, "What in the world are 'main character's energy' pants?!?" I simply mean pants that are the focal point of your outfit rather than simply a pair of basic bottoms that will go with anything.
 Don't get me wrong — I love and adore my trusty black leggings. After all, they are a staple in most of our wardrobes year-round. But the following styles are just as easy to wear and style, just with a bit more oomph.
Here are five of the hottest 'main character energy' types of plus size pants that you should consider adding to your closet, including sexy leather, bold metallic, and preppy printed trousers — because we think you deserve all the options!

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