The Only Songs Of Summer Playlist You Need

Are you tired of being nice, considering reconciling with your ex, or simply ready to tell everyone just how much you like it like that? Well, you're in the right place because as much as 2018 is becoming the summer of scams, it is also clearly the summer of Too Many Songs of Summer.
Yes, we are in quite a predicament here: there are simply too many good songs on our streaming playlists right now. There's Drake for the sad boys and girls, Selena Gomez for the ones reconsidering their summer of love choices, and Cardi B for everyone who just wants to party.
But beyond that, there are even more songs vying for the title of "Song of the Summer." While it's purely objective which of this songs will rule your pool parties, playlists, and Instagram captions, I'd like to do you the favor of listing all the hottest, juiciest tracks that make me want to skip work and day drink with friends. These are the jams that you won't be able to escape as the temperature rises.
So, get ready to turn up the volume because here are the best songs of summer in 3, 2, 1 ....

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