20 Pairs Of Shoes For Sweaty Feet

Fashion mishaps can be wildly un-glamorous — anyone who's had a pair of jeans rip right at the butt seam, left some major sweat stains on a gray tee, or broken out in a rash thanks to an itchy sweater knows just how badly getting dressed can backfire. But one issue we don't talk about enough is one so many people experience on the regular, and that's the harsh reality of sweaty feet. Especially in the dead of summer, the wrong footwear can turn into a seriously slippery, sticky, and stinky situation.
Since the last thing you want to do is smell up your entire office cubicle, or feel like your feet are suffocating all day long, we've sought out the breathable sandals, slip-ons, and more that even the sweatiest of feet will appreciate. Here's hoping for dry(ish) toes from here on out.