Lest We Forget! 5 Apps We Use To Remember Everything

Forget January 1 — for us, this time of year has always been associated with reinvention, renewal, and refinement, even if we aren't going back to school. To help you jump-start the whole process, we're dedicating this week to getting your sh*t together, where you'll find little tricks, tips, and buys to get you and your space into a better place.
Is that a tattoo on your hand? Oh no, just a note to remember to DVR Breaking Bad, pick up dog food, take care of that email that's been sitting in your starred folder for weeks now, and buy tickets to see that warehouse show tomorrow...or did the band already perform last week? Sound familiar? We've definitely been guilty of tying strings around our finger, hand scribbling illegible notes, and covering our computers with sticky notes. But in today's extremely task-frenzy world, there really aren't enough fingers to remember everything you have to do.
Lucky for you, we pulled the top five apps we love for remembering and checking things off our to-do lists. From a period and intimacy tracker (genius, right?) to a task organizer that seriously calms us, here are five apps to help keep your hands ink-free. Now the hard part? You actually have to remember to use them. Sadly, there isn't an app for that.

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