The 13 Most Insanely Gorgeous Pools In The World

Just the way that standing in front of a Monet can transport you to another world, or a Warhol portrait can take your mood from blue to cheery and back again, dipping into an artfully designed pool can truly be a perspective-altering experience. Unromantically speaking, a painting is really just canvas and pigment. And, pools are merely cement and water. But, when they're constructed with an artist's eye, both take on transformative powers.
Also, there’s something refreshing and beautiful about a good pool (or even a middling pool). Whether it’s the way the hand-painted tiles have been painstakingly arranged, or how the sunshine dances off a rippling surface, the details beckon you in for a dip, or a lounge alongside their watery glory.
So, we're taking a look at the most insane spots to dive in, all around world. From manmade masterpieces to natural wonders, these are the top 13 most incredible pools we’ve ever seen. Come on in, the water's fine.

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