The City’s 5 Best Dance Parties, Plus A Rockin’ Playlist

Greg Krelenstein of the Misshapes must be super-human. Either that, or he has Red Bull pumping through his veins. Or both. That's the only (legal) way we can fathom anyone keeping up with his fast-paced party schedule that would give Spiderman a run for his money. And whether he's dancing at Westway or spinning at Bedlam, it's pretty safe to say that, where he is, you want to be. Luckily, we snagged Greg's soirée schedule while he was tending to the turntables (during Fashion Week, no less), so you'll know where to find him hitting the floor from Wednesday to Sunday. Plus, Greg K. is giving you motivation, inspiration, and stamina: For each party on the list, the DJ picked out a song that channels the night's singular vibe. Together, they make up a great way to pre-game for the nocturnal festivities, even when you're four winks from sleep. Red Bull not included.

Wednesday: Friends At Westway

"Austin Peters throws this dance party, and it's a mixed crowd, which my straight girlfriends appreciate. The music tips heavy on the hip-hop side with a few party jams."
Song: LMFAO, "Party Rockers Anthem (featuring Lauren Bennet GoonRock)"

75 Clarkson Street (between Washington and West streets); 212-620-0101.

Thursday: ZigZag At Le Bain

"Erich Conrad ran Beige, one of the longest-running gay parties in NYC, so when he asked me to be a part of his next endeavor (along with Sophia Lamar, Kristin Gallegos, and Waseem Cheema), I knew that the rooftop at The Standard Hotel would be the perfect place to start summer. The party was named after the direction of the music, a mix where you hear everything from the Rolling Stones to Berlin techno."
Song: The Rapture, "How Deep Is Your Love"

848 Washington Street (at 13th Street); 212-645-4646.‎

Friday: Fridays at Phoenix
"On Fridays, after a week of my 9-to-5 and my Thursday-night hangover, I really want to keep it local and easy. Mark Holcomb brings the pop hits all night, and by 2 a.m., I've already forgotten that I promised myself I'd go to bed early."
Song: Britney Spears, "I Wanna Go"

447 East 13th Street (between 1st Street and Avenue A); 212-477-9979.


Saturdays: Mousse At Bedlam
"Saturday night has always been my favorite night to go out and play music for my friends. Mousse, hosted by Sophia Lamar, has been really fun for me because it has never claimed to be anything it's not. It's an East Village bar —no one is there to get their picture taken or think they'll be on the cover of New York Magazine. We only had the initiative to have a hot, sweaty, dance party, and since last winter, it has been packed every weekend."
Song: Lady Gaga, "Marry The Night"

40 Avenue C (between 3rd and 4th streets); 212-228-1049.

Sundays: St. Jerome's
"Like Friday, Sunday is another day where I just like to hit a yoga class, have a long brunch, and catch up with friends about Saturday night's adventures; but I still need my nighttime fix. So, I hit St. Jerome's, though it's less of a dance party and more about the music. They also have great themed nights that vary from Prince to Fleetwood Mac to The Doors."
Song: Guns & Roses, "Welcome to the Jungle"

155 Rivington Street (near Suffolk Street); 212-533-1810

Crowd image via David X Prutting /