Pet-Friendly Hotels For Inseparable Duos

Making travel plans is stressful enough on its own, but it seems to get amplified by 100 if you're trying to plan for Sparky, too. Should you leave your adored companion in a kennel? Is your friend really responsible enough to take your dog for walks every four hours? What about your cat who can’t sleep unless he's the little spoon? Weighty decisions all for the animal-lover on the move.
Pet-friendly lodging is not a brand new concept, but what's the point if your fuzzy friend is confined to a drab room while you're out seeing the world? Like Snoop Dog Lion said, "It ain't no fun (if the homies can't have none)." In honor of National Pet Month, consider bringing your snuggle muffin to a place that takes pet amenities to a whole new level. Like, spiritual-work-for-your-anxious-cat level. We're not kidding.

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