These Peanut Butter Cookies Have Chocolate Chip Beat

Photo: Courtesy of A Bajillion Recipes.
It's Tuesday night and you're hit with the strong and unshakable desire to bake a batch of warm, made-from-scratch cookies. But just as you reach for that bag of chocolate chips, you stop; Your hand has brushed up against a half-empty jar of peanut butter that you'd forgotten about until now. A single thought crosses your mind: peanut butter plus cookies equals peanut butter cookies. And now your mind, and your baking plan, is blown.
Because why make normal chocolate chip cookies when you can throw a peanut butter curve ball into the game? Fluffy, creamy, crunchy, and nutty — we truly love munching on them in all their golden glory. So ahead we've collected ten tasty recipes to satisfy all your weeknight PB cookie cravings (chocolate chips still optional too, though).

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