The Apps You Need If A Personal Trainer Is Not In Your Budget

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
When it comes to workout styles, it seems like there are a few types of people: those who are devoted to boutique fitness, those who can afford personal trainers, and then those of us who belong to a gym, but never know what to do once we're there.
No shade at all if the last one sounds like your usual pace-and-elliptical workout routine. It can be challenging and frustrating to go into a workout without a plan, which is why a smart workout app could be your saving grace. Lots of highly sought-after personal trainers — including buzzy fitness pros on Instagram — have their own apps now, so you can always feel like you always have an expert there to hold your hand through the sometimes intimidating gym.
There are video-based apps, audio-only ones, and even apps that will provide weeks-long workout plans to keep coming back to. Whether you're into yoga, rowing, or just cruising on the elliptical, these are the apps that are worth downloading — and they're all cheaper than a workout class.

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