23 Beauty Products You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

Regular R29 readers go above and beyond the call of beauty duty. You may have more than one concealer or switch up your skin-care routine every season. Chances are, you're way more Sephora-savvy than the average Jane.
But, some things surprise even us beauty editors — yes, those of us in the trenches with the glam gurus, whose job it is to watch YouTube makeup tutorials and test lipsticks for a living. Sometimes, a product will come along that's so good, it makes us sing that good ol' Rihanna song: "Where have you been all my life?"

That's why we collected the products we wished we'd been using since forever, and then asked some of our favorite pros to do the same. The result is a tightly edited list that will take you from aspiring expert to total savant. (Pre-shampoo oil, anyone? How about a face sponge made from Japanese potatoes?) And, while many of these items may seem like pure marketing fodder, trust us: We've tested and approved them — and so have our go-to professionals. We're just spreading the love.

Click through, and allow your mind to be blown. And, if it's not, consider yourself an expert in your own right. (Better yet, teach us a thing or two by leaving a recommendation in the comments — sharing is caring!)

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