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The moving process is one that's universally acknowledged to be one of the most terrible parts of the year. Even once you've found a place you love — which is no easy task in itself — you still have to deal with scheduling movers, packing everything up, cleaning, unpacking, and so on.

Though the actual move might be quick, all the required steps leading up to and following it often take way more time than expected. And while you might reach a point in which you literally start throwing things in boxes, the ultimate goal is to stay as organized and prepared as possible throughout.

With the help of some very useful apps, that's actually possibly. Services like Handy and TaskRabbit can assist with the requisite cleaning and assembling. And other apps, such as Moving Checklist Pro and Sortly, include detailed to-do lists for remembering all the details.

Click through to see nine apps that will make your move much less hectic.

Moving is the worst. And the best. It can signal a fresh start or a devastating end. Whatever your style, wherever you settle, at the end of day, the most important thing is you find a place to call home. Check out more from our Get The F Out moving package here.

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Photo: Courtesy of Sortly.
For Planning Your Move From Start To Finish: Sortly

Moving can be hell, but if you stay organized and space tasks out, it can be a little less painful. The Sortly app breaks down to-do lists by week, so that you know when to handle different parts of your move (and never get overwhelmed). Whether you're just starting to look into your options, or confirming your move date with the movers, the app keeps you on schedule.
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Photo: Courtesy of MagicPlan.
For Visualizing Your New Space: MagicPlan

Every space looks bigger when it's empty, so it can be hard to approximate whether all of your furniture will actually fit. The MagicPlan app can measure rooms from a picture you take so that you can figure out what you should try to sell or replace before your move-in day.
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Photo: Courtesy of Moving Checklist Pro.
For Remembering The Little Things: Moving Checklist Pro

Forget packing. When you move, there are a million things to remember to do, from dropping off keys to returning your cable box. The extensive to-do lists in Moving Checklist Pro help you stay on top of all the little things you might otherwise neglect, such as changing your address with your doctors and your bank. It'll give you some serious peace of mind.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cleanly.
For Cleaning Your Clothes & Sheets Before Packing: Cleanly

You want to have clean clothes and sheets when you arrive at your new apartment, but doing load after load of laundry is time consuming and tiring. Instead, try using services like Cleanly, Rinse, or Washio. You can schedule pickup and delivery times for anything you need washed and dry-cleaned — with no legwork on your end.
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Photo: Courtesy of Handy.
For Help Cleaning Your Old Apartment: Handy

If you want your security deposit back (which you definitely do), the apartment you're leaving needs to be clean enough to please your landlord. Instead of fretting over filling holes in the wall from nails and getting that wine stain off the floor, download Handy. Just plug in your location and pick a time to have someone come by to help with the tough to clean spots. It's available in 20 U.S. cities, and the cost is reasonable (there's a two-hour special for $39 right now for new users).
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Photo: Courtesy of Lugg.
For The Move Itself: Lugg

Getting items from point A to point B (i.e., your old apartment to your new place) is arguably the most important part of your move. With Lugg, you can pick the truck size, list all the items (or add photos) of what needs to go in it, and pay through the app. The service is currently only offered to those in the San Francisco Bay Area, but will hopefully expand elsewhere soon.
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Photo: Courtesy of TaskRabbit.
For Help Hanging Pictures In Your New Apartment: TaskRabbit

Hanging pictures and mounting shelves on the wall should be simple, but always ends up taking lots of time and patience. Instead of worrying about getting the alignment just right, use the TaskRabbit app and hire someone to help. For an hourly rate (which differs by city and time), you can have a Tasker come in to help with everything from assembling Ikea furniture to installing curtains.

If you don't want to deal with all the packing before your move, you can also hire a Tasker to pack for you.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dolly.
For Buying Furniture Off Craigslist: Dolly

Getting a great deal on a couch is all well and good, but actually picking it up and moving it to your new place is a pain. With Dolly, you can have someone else handle all the heavy lifting. Through the app, you can see exactly where your dolly is so you know when you need to be home for them to deliver your goods — and you can pay and tip through the app.

It's also great for the earlier stages of your move when you want to have someone pick up and deliver clothes that you're donating.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tile.
For Making Sure You Don't Lose Anything: Tile

You've got all your boxes at your new pad, you're (at least partially) unpacked, now… Where did you put your keys? Or your toothbrush? You can keep track of important boxes — or items inside them — with a tracker such as Tile or Trackr. For less than $20 apiece, you can grab four or five of these little Bluetooth beacons, so you can ensure that important items don't get lost in the fray.

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