Don’t Move Apartments Without These Tips

Photographed by Amy Lombard.
The moving process is one that's universally acknowledged to be one of the most terrible parts of the year. Even once you've found a place you love — which is no easy task in itself — you still have to deal with scheduling movers, packing everything up, cleaning, unpacking, and so on.
Though the actual move might be quick, all the required steps leading up to and following it often take way more time than expected. And while you might reach a point in which you literally start throwing things in boxes, the ultimate goal is to stay as organized and prepared as possible throughout.
With the help of some very useful apps, that's actually possibly. Services like Handy and TaskRabbit can assist with the requisite cleaning and assembling. And other apps, such as Moving Checklist Pro and Sortly, include detailed to-do lists for remembering all the details.
Click through to see nine apps that will make your move much less hectic.

Moving is the worst. And the best. It can signal a fresh start or a devastating end. Whatever your style, wherever you settle, at the end of day, the most important thing is you find a place to call home. Check out more from our Get The F Out moving package here.

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