Maybe you're hunched over a computer. Maybe you're wearing ridiculous (but cute!) heels. Whatever you're doing at this very moment, it's probably wreaking havoc on your body. And, chances are, you'll be suffering the consequences before long. Feel like you need a massage? The thing is, New York has so many choices for spas and massage centers, it's hard to know where to go. And, once you do find a place, what massage should you get? We've been there. So, we're sharing our favorite local places to get a serious rubdown. Prepare for total bliss.

Fishion Herb Center
"When I first stepped into Fishion Herb Center, I was positive I was in the wrong place. It is in a basement, and the building is not something to write home about. If you are looking for five-star service, do not come here. But, if you just want a really great deep-tissue massage, then this is the place for you. No other massage will compare. Seriously, I have tried getting massages at other places and left feeling very unsatisfied. I quickly returned to Fishion Herb Center. The best part? For $41 per hour, this may be the best deal in town." — Rebecca Smith, SEO editor

Fishion Herb Center, 107 Mott Street (at Hester Street); 212-966-8771.


Origo Spa Lounge
"Origo Spa Lounge in Chinatown is a hidden gem. It doesn't look like much from the outside since the entrance is a tiny door on a quiet street. I got a Groupon for an hour massage and body scrub, and it was amazing. The masseuse was really good, and I felt incredibly relaxed afterwards. The ambience is very just want to stay there all day, which I did! I got a mani/pedi even though I hadn't planned on it." - Jennifer Refat, senior front-end engineer

Origo Spa Lounge, 49-51 Elizabeth Street (at Canal Street), 2nd Floor; 212-966-2292.

Cowshed Spa at Soho House
"I get the deep tissue for a good detox, and all of the therapists rule. It's located in the heart of the Meatpacking District. If you get there early you have free reign to use their steam room/sauna and shower... I usually do this post massage for extra detox, and their Cowshed products rule, so I often shower there post steam.

"The essential oils are off the hook — names like “Moody Cow” can seem off-putting, but they are super fragrant, and the smells really linger post treatment." — Victoria Lampley, senior brand experiences manager

Cowshed Spa at Soho House, 29-35 Ninth Avenue (at West 13th Street), 3rd Floor; 646-253-6111.

Bliss Soho
"The 76-minute massage by Knovy, the only massage therapist I've ever wanted to rebook. Does amazing work!" — Emily Hengemihle, product manager, partnerships

Bliss Soho, 568 Broadway (at Prince Street), 2nd Floor; 877-862-5477.


Ming Qi Clinic
"Dr. Ming Jin is a lifesaver. Their services include massage, acupuncture, and acupressure, and they also accept insurance. You'll be surprised how inexpensive it is for the wonders they do for your back." — Natalie Fine, associate PM/producer

Dr. Ming Jin at Ming Qi Clinic, 161 Madison Avenue (at East 33rd Street); 212-686-8689.

"They give the best 15-minute chair massage, ever. I can't really handle anything longer than that, so it's perfect for me. But seriously, everyone here has magic fingers and knows what they are doing. Plus, they give you a little scalp massage at the end, which really solves all my ponytail-headache problems." — Neha Gandhi, executive editor, features

I-Plaza Nail & Spa, 387 Greenwich Street (at North Moore Street); 212-966-7796.

Massage Warrior
"I found this guy via Groupon and he was SO legit. I have weird back problems and some hip issues, but he manipulates soft tissue to leave you feeling super aligned and great. I get Groupon massages often and have gone to the notorious Massage Envy chain, but this was undoubtedly the BEST." — Larissa Green, social media editor

Massage Warrior, 59 Franklin Street (at Broadway), Suite 203; 917-892-3035.


Pure QI Regimen Spa
"I almost don't want to blow this spot up, but it's the best massage for the price in all of northern Brooklyn. You can go for a quick massage that focuses on just shoulders, back, head, etc. or indulge in the full body massage. I suggest the hot stones if you go that route — it will erase your crappy week in no time!" — Katie Hegarty, associate director, brand experiences

Pure QI Regimen Spa, 268 Driggs Avenue (at Eckford Street); 718-383-3822.


Sage Spa
"I soured to massages after a masseuse yelled at me for not relaxing enough during a session. (This was the day before my wedding — I had other things on my mind.) But, I'm also someone who carries a LOT of tension in my shoulders and neck, and last year the pain got so bad, I decided I needed to see someone. A friend gave me a gift certificate to Sage Spa in Park Slope, and I knew it was time to finally cash it in.

"It's a pretty bare-bones spa, but the massage was amazing. Agnes, my masseuse, listened to my concerns, and we discussed what she should focus on. The result? I wasn't cured, but I felt much, much better. She recommended I get a massage more regularly, and if I had the big bucks, I definitely would make a monthly appointment with Agnes. She knows her stuff!" — Lindsey Stanberry, content editor

Sage Spa 405 Fifth Avenue (between 10th and 11th streets), Brooklyn; 718-832-2030.

East Side Massage Therapy
"It's located down a long hallway in a tiny, first floor massage studio, and there's nothing "spa-like" about it. But, if you suffer from headaches, post-injury pain, or tension of any sort, this is the place to go. They take massage therapy very seriously, almost to a medical-like degree, and have cured me from migraines and wrist/elbow pain due to typing at a computer/Instagramitis." — Christine Arzeno, director, editorial operations

Eastside Massage Therapy, 351 East 78th Street (at 1st Avenue); 212-249-2927.


Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa
"The Paul Labrecque sore-muscle massage. Specifically formulated for athletes (or gym rats who overdid it on the treadmill), they use Magsoothium products and concentrated handwork to soothe out achy, sore muscles. Makes you feel like you can take on the world — or at least stand up and sit down without wincing in pain and agony from your abused muscles." — Megan McIntyre, beauty director

Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa 171 East 65 Street (at Third Avenue); 212-988-7816.

Ease NY
"Not particularly trendy, not in a very convenient part of town, but it's clean and pleasant and the massage itself is incredible. I don't know how they do the things that they are doing, but they somehow reposition all of your parts in ways you never knew possible. A bit pricey, but very worth saving for." — Lexi Nisita, social media editor

ease NY, 16 East 41st Street (between Fifth Avenue & Madison Avenue), 2nd Floor; 212-661-5151.

Great Jones Spa
"We may as well have our company holiday party there, we all go so often." — Everyone at R29

Great Jones Spa, 29 Great Jones Street (at Lafayette Street); 212-505-3185.