The 15 Most Over-The-Top Hotel Suites In L.A.

Photo: Courtesy of Palihouse West Hollywood.
Did you watch (albeit, somewhat shamefully) The Fabulous Life Of... — and were you devastated when it stopped airing? Have you always believed that Eloise trumps Goodnight Moon in both storyline and illustrations? Do you have a Pinterest board dedicated to insanely expensive vacations that by no means reflect your current income? If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then consider yourself in for a treat.
With more five-star hotels than we can keep track of, L.A. is home to some of the most over-the-top, next-level luxury suites in the entire world. And, while we might not be prepared to throw down our rent check for one night in the penthouse of a West Hollywood hotel, these rooms are a lot of fun to ogle. Ahead, we've rounded up 15 of the wildest, most extravagant rooms in the city. There's even one an en-suite catwalk. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign and enjoy your stay!

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