These Insta-Makeovers Will Make You Insta-Impressed

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you're no stranger to Instagram and YouTube makeup transformations. They can be almost hypnotic to look at. Swipe some here, dab it there, blend it all over, and bam — a face is completely transformed. And, these vloggers/'grammers are using some seriously crazy techniques — not exactly child's play.

But while some of the transformations are awe-inspiring, others are downright insane. You have to do a double-take (and, let's be honest, maybe even squint and tilt your head) to verify that the person in the "before" photo is the same as the person in the "after" photo. This is makeup magic at its most intense.

Ahead, we've rounded up a few of these crazy Insta-makeovers. Prepare for some high-level visual trickery.

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Image: via @powderincmakeup.
Proof that contouring can make cheekbones magically appear.
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Image: via @mac_meover.
Makeup that brightens your eyes and doubles the size of your brows? We're totally on board.
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Image: via @lucy_katili.
Who says that makeup ages you? This woman (who is, may we add, beautiful in both images) looks years younger in her "after" photo.
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Photo: via @lil_kaitie.
We're amazed at this woman's concealer skills (which she accurately captioned #coveragenotcake).
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Image: via @yennifang.mua.
Brows really do frame the face — as evidenced by this transformation. Seriously, what brow powder are you using, girl?
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Image: via @noufrawi.
It's a common misconception that dark lipstick makes your lips look smaller. Allow this photo to blow that idea out of the water.
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Photo: via @makeup_by_nika.
Think your cheekbones need way more definition? No worries — you can totally draw 'em on. Bet you didn't think those were hiding in there, huh? (P.S. Crazy what that eyeshadow did for her eye color!)
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Photo: via @imloverz.
Repeat after us: When it comes to real-life airbrushing, there is no such thing as too much contour. Also, kinda interested in what that horizontal line across her nose is doing.
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Photo: via @scarmakeup2164.
This didn't warrant a double-take — it warranted a quadruple take. And I had to ask everyone in the office whether it was the same person in the second photo. It's truly remarkable.
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Photo: via @imloverz.
Disclaimer: If you contour your lips for a party, they may not last past the first sip of Champagne. But your first-impression look will be worth it!
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Photo: via @linsanti.
It's easy to focus on the eyes here — the lashes, the white shadow, and the contacts make them appear so much bigger in the "after" photo. But it's this lady's skin we can't stop looking at: How did foundation pull that off?
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Photo: via @cosmetiquette.
Holy contour, Batman.
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Photo: via @imloverz.
From girl next door to Kardashian lookalike in a flash, thanks to a ton of contour.
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