9 Feel-Good Stretches That Will Loosen Your Tight Hips

Photographed by James Farrell.
Shakira once said, "Hips don't lie," and she kind of has a point. When you feel like your hips are tight, it's almost impossible to ignore the pain and soreness that comes along with it. That's because your hip joint is supported by several other muscles — like your glutes, quads, and hamstrings — that help to keep you upright and mobile. So, when there's an imbalance or tightness, everything else in your body can feel out of whack.
There are a few common reasons why your hips might feel tight, including exercise like running and biking or just sitting at a desk all day. Of course, stretching can help undo some of this tightness. But how exactly do you stretch your hips? Surprisingly, you don't have to be all that flexible.
Ahead are some easy, feel-good stretches to add into your arsenal, from Ava Fitzgerald, a certified strength and conditioning specialist at the Professional Athletic Performance Center in Garden City, New York; and Lindsay Davis, an instructor at Equinox in Los Angeles. Add these into your workout routine, or just do them at your desk, and get ready to feel a lot less pain whenever your hips speak the truth.

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