Getting Pretty From The Inside Out

SUMMERPhoto: Cultura/RexUSA.
Summertime is made for indulging. Once the season rolls around, we're all about lazy layouts on the beach and weekly brunch outings. But, all of this treating yo'self may be taking a toll on our health and, as a result, our skin.
Our friends over at The Huffington Post have come to the rescue, offering tips on how to alleviate the skin issues that arise during summer. Tackling how to achieve beauty from the inside out, the site rounds up the best healthy beauty tips. And, no, they don't include drinking as much water as you can (although that's never a bad idea); they're more along the lines of eating H2O-rich beauty foods like watermelon, celery, and lemons. Head over to The Huffington Post for more. Here's hoping these suggestions inspire you to keep your health in mind as the summer winds down. (The Huffington Post).

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