The Best Fitness Gadgets For Everyone

The ever-changing roster of fitness trackers is once again ready for a big update. The “regulars” are launching new, souped-up models. Meanwhile, a batch of newcomers, all aimed at improving our health, is changing how we interact with data. Not only are the looks of these gadgets evolving (expanding beyond the typical band or clip-on models), but the types of information they collect are changing as well.
Now, tech companies are finally addressing the issue of cost (in addition to design and wearability), offering models that measure more than the basic step count, yet still start at a budget-friendly (under $50) price. And, while aesthetics definitely matter (you want to feel good sporting it, after all) there’s more to consider before purchasing new fitness tech. You want to look for one that aligns with your fitness personality, has an intuitive data interface, and seamlessly blends into your everyday life. When you find your match, just sporting the gadget can be motivation to take another lap or climb another flight of stairs.
So, which tool is right for you? Ahead, your best bets for fitness trackers — past, present, and future.