The Fitness Apps That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins.
Confession: I am a fitness app addict. I love to download an app. I get really into it for a month or two. I tell all my friends to get it. Then something happens — most likely I download another — and I totally forget the app exists. I find it months later, gathering dust in the back of some random folder on my home screen. Sorry to this app!
There's a reason I'm into fitness apps, though. They can make exercising — in and out of the gym — a much more organized endeavor. They hold me accountable, track my progress, and give me awesome exercise plans. Some of them cost money, but they’re way cheaper than personal trainers, which WebMD says cost on average $50 per hour. Plus, they make walking into a new gym a heck of a lot less intimidating — ignore the bulky, dungeon-style equipment and just focus on the phone screen, baby.
What I've found in my forays into the app store, however, is that not all exercise apps are created equal. Luckily, I'm uniquely qualified to help. I've waded through dozens of my current and old faves to pick the best ones. Whether your 2020 resolutions included doing more yoga, running a race, or just getting more comfortable working out in the gym, I’ve got you covered. 

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