How To Find Your Best Eyebrow Shape

Let's imagine that there's a magical World of Eyebrows. In it, there are two queens. One rules the East and one rules the West, and together, they build great bridges and monuments that redefine the word "arch." The queens are none other than Anastasia Soare, the beauty guru with a famous label bearing her name, and Kristie Streicher, one-third of the trifecta that is the Streicher Sisters.
Soare personifies glamour — and, while she certainly extols and advocates the virtues of thick brows, she enjoys shaping and grooming. Streicher, on the other hand, forsakes wax and threads for careful and minimal tweezing sessions. She favors unibrows, politely forbids clients from using tweezers for eight weeks at a time, and believes that the more natural the arch, the better. She even has delightful homemade remedies for both pre- and post-tweeze, to soothe your set.
Different perspectives aside, the brow divas are far from archenemies. Together, they came up with a guide to eyebrow shapes, which takes us from the '30s all the way through today, with a very diverse range of aesthetics. Click through for some serious inspiration — and to find out what makes those arches look so damn good.

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