These Are The Best Dance Shows On Netflix

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you're looking for something to stream that just might give you the energy you need to get up and move around, shake it out, or just stretch, I'm about to prescribe you some television. Yep, TV. A great way to find that motivation to really exert some energy and move your limbs is with some dance shows on Netflix. 
You may have gone through your usual list of go-to movies and shows. Maybe you're just trying to think outside of the box. Whatever the reason, perhaps you're ready to switch it up with some song and dance, literally. And strangely enough, Netflix actually has a whole handful of shows about this very thing. That's great, because there is never a bad time to dance it out a little bit. 
Some of these series are documentary-style and some of them are serialized shows that carry a story throughout the season. Whatever dance-based show you pick, you’re definitely going to cheer on the competitors, and maybe laugh and cry along with them, too.

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