Behold: The Best Cuddling Positions For Every Situation

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
It’s safe to say that, for most people, being held (by someone you actually like) feels nice. And cuddling doesn’t only feel good — it can actually do good, too.
Research suggests the benefits of cuddling may range from relieving stress to increasing libido to improving communication. All great things, right? The way this works is that cuddling can cause the brain to release both oxytocin (which can make us feel connected to one another while also possibly relieving pain and boosting our immune systems) and dopamine (which is one of the brain's major feel-good chemicals). Plus, cuddling after sex has been shown to lead to more satisfying sex lives and relationships.
Obviously, there are lots of reasons, not all of which are science-backed, that you’d want to cuddle. So why limit yourself to basic spooning?
Ahead, we’ve crafted a bunch of cuddling positions to try (or avoid, depending on your position preferences and/or your cuddling partner). Try these with a romantic partner or a friend — as long as they’re down to cuddle, too, of course.

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