Always Pan Fans: Here’s More Eco-Chic Cookware You Can Covet

Dust off those countertops, take your shoes out of the oven, and channel your inner Ina Garten (or, Marcus Samuelsson): our kitchens are cool again. Whether you were already big into home-cookin' or are just now turning that stay-at-home culinary corner, one way to get into top-chef shape is by investing in some trendy new tools. And, lucky for both cookware newbies and Always Pan super-fans alike, there's a whole crop of premium DTC brands offering affordably bundled but still stylish essentials you can easily shop online.
We went ahead and hunted down all the trendy kitchenware destinations that you may or may not have already bookmarked on Instagram — you know, the ones with eco-friendly missions, pretty pastel palettes, and still-life shots from the dinner party of your dreams? Ahead, find everything from the chicest dining staples we ever did see to enviably sleek pot-and-pan bundles, sharp (in both senses of the word) knife sets, and, of course, Our Place's cult-favorite magic pan. In short: a bunch of cool-girl kitchen stuff that makes you go "ooooo." We're covering each brand's best-for disclaimers, bestselling product picks, price breakdowns, and just about anything else you'd want to know before smashing that add-to-cart button.
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Best For: Storage-savvy cookware bundles with multiple colorways
Product Range: Pots, bundles, and mitts
Price Breakdown: $395 (compare to $599 industry standard)

This 2019-launched company specializes in non-toxic and nonstick full cookware sets —including everything from a fry-pan to a saucepan, dutch oven, sauté pan, three matching lids, four magnetic pan racks, and a canvas lid-holder with built-in cabinet hooks for streamlined storage. Not to mention, each of the five available colorways (pink terracotta, sage, cream, navy, or gray) is eyecatching enough to dress up your stovetop with or without food.

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Cookware Set

From the gorgeous colors to the coordinating pot and lid holders, this set will help you stay organized and mess-free as you cook up a grand meal.
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Dutch Oven

Caraway's non-toxic dutch oven allows for easy, healthy cooking without the added chemicals. Use it for soups, stews, bread obsessing, and more.
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Linens Set

The ultimate kitchen starter kit, complete with everything you'll need to cook safely in your space.
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Best For: Cookware bundles complete with knives and other accessories
Product Range: Utensils, knives, pan sets, and other kitchen accessories
Price Breakdown: $60 (compare to $115 industry standard)

Potluck is able to offer high-quality kitchen essentials through its direct-to-consumer approach and thoughtful consumer-feedback consideration — offering up everything from value-packaged cookware to knife and utensil sets crafted by factory partners with "decades of experience making kitchenware for top brands."

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Prep Bundle

This 15-piece bundle set combines the entire Knife Set and Utensil Set. Made from high-carbon steel, these versatile essentials will have you covered for getting your food ready in a breeze.
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Cookware Set

Top chefs rejoice; you're go-to cooking must-haves are here and available in one set. It comes with a stockpot, saucepans, a skillet, and plenty of lids.
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Utensils Set

A simple and essential bundle of cooking utensils; from mixing bowls and spatulas to measuring cups and peelers.
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Equal Parts

Best For: Bundled non-toxic ceramic stacking sets
Product Range: Cookware sets and kitchen accessories
Price Breakdown: $249 (bundle saves 15%)

Equal Parts made its cookware and accessory sets to literally stack up against the competition — each of the non-stick, non-toxic, and dishwasher-safe pieces are not only designed to "cook faster and clean easier," but they're also crafted to nest inside one another for more streamlined storage in smaller kitchen spaces.

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Mixing Bowls

Indulge in smooth, glossy non-stick mixing bowls with matching lids.
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The Utensils Set

Tongs, a whisk, a slotted spoon, a spatula, and slotted spatula, oh my! All the accessories you need for cooking can be found in the EP utensil set.
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The Cookware Set

A complete set of sleek non-stick, non-toxic ceramic pots and pans with two lids.
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Best For: Heritage craftsmanship tableware additions
Product Range: Glassware, dinnerware, and flatware
Price Breakdown: $56 (at $14 per glass)

By opting for a more limited assortment, this thoughtfully curated tableware company is able to offer high-quality at a competitive price point. And while we may not be stocking our entire kitchen with its sustainably made European stoneware to glass and flatware sets, it does make for an elevated addition to our already existing lineups.

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Pasta Bowl Set

These wide, shallow bowls come in subtle glossy colors that can be mixed and matched. They're all expertly made in Portugal from natural clay.
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Short Drinking Glass Set

Can't you picture these in a curated Instagram shot? We can. Made from hand-blown glass, no two glasses are identical with this luxe set.
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Gold Flatware Set

Flatware can become quite lackluster in appearance after constant use. Give your arsenal a refresh with these golden pieces.
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Great Jones

Best For: Multifunctional one-off cookware and specialty bundles with custom interiors
Product Range: Dutch ovens, frying pans, baking sheets
Price Breakdown: $145 (bundle saves $25)

Named after cookbook author and Julia Child's editor, Judith Jones, this trendy site offers a lineup of custom-built kitchen pieces that look as good as they cook — from one-off dutch ovens in broccoli hues to full family-style sets and specialty "Easy Bake" bundles.

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The Dutchess

Move this cast-iron Dutch oven from stovetop to dining table with its heat-retaining abilities. enameled cast-iron Dutch oven moves gracefully from stove to oven to table.
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Large Fry

A do-all, nonstick frying pan made of non-toxic ceramic coating. Ideal for eggs, stirfry, bacon, and more.
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Family Style

The family-sized bundle is for just that — a family. It contains enough pieces for grand meals and large gatherings plus the price is really great for what you're getting.
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Best For: Elegant dining sets with classic designs
Product Range: Everything!
Price Breakdown: $121.60 (at $24.32 per setting)

If you already know Snowe for its heavenly homeware (ahem, the Classic Bathrobe), then perhaps you've stumbled upon its stacked dinnerware selections too. The expertly crafted lineup offers everything from Italian flatware to linens and even barware sets that, although on the pricier end of things, are ultimately a much smaller investment than similar luxury products found at non-DTC retailers.

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5-Piece Table Setting

Made from ultra-high-quality porcelain, this 5-piece set will make you want to swig tea with your pinky out.
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Marble Cheese Board

A little marble goes a long way when it comes to kitchen decor. Slice your cheese (or chop your veggies) on this luxurious board, expertly crafted in Mexico.
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The Starter Drink Bundle

Get ready for autumnal cocktail nights with this must-have bundle. It's filled with everything your bar cart could ever need.
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Our Place

Best For: Heirloom cookware plus dinnerware bundles that are sustianably made from ethically sourced materials
Product Range: Multipurpose magic pans, dinnerware, and glassware bundles
Price Breakdown: $250 (bundle saves $40)

Not only does this unique cookware brand utilize biodegradable and recyclable packaging in its shipments, but it also partners with charitable organizations and utilizes ethical work practices when crafting each of its sustainably made pieces. The thoughtful options of themed partnership collections range from essential cooking pans to drinking glasses, value-packaged bundled sets, and beyond.

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Always Pan

You've probably already heard about this do-all pan, but allow us to tell you more. This cult-favorite can steam, saute, boil and fry, making it essential for any level of culinary skill.
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Main Plates

Every kitchen needs a good set of plates and These iterations are hand-painted, porcelain, and easy to stack.
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Drinking Glasses

These stackable tumblers are hand-blown and so aesthetically pleasing. They're made from recycled glass and natural sand, making them both eco-friendly and Instagram-worthy.

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