15 Top-Ranking, Under-$20 Wines According To Real People (Not Critics)

For most of us, wine-selection is hardly a science or an art. It's a trouble-shooting process starting with the cheapest bottle and working up the price range to something you truly enjoy. If you're not heading straight for a Trader Joe's "winery", maybe you memorized one tried-and-true label to regularly hunt down at your local wine store.
In any case, finding that sweet spot between cheap and delicious takes a lot of time and money. But who's to say you have to spend a lot of cash on a decent bottle of wine?
According to Adrian Smith from Vivino, the world's largest online wine marketplace, there's a simple rule of thumb: "Wines around the $7 and under mark have very little invested in the winemaking." He adds that, alternatively, an extravagant price tag can sometimes be more about the packaging than the wine it carries. All of this to say, high-quality wine does not have to break the bank and $20 can get you exactly what you need.
Vivino has over 35 million users and the following bottles each received over 50 reviews in 2018 and are top-rated by every day wine-drinkers, not critics. Bring these bottles to dinner parties; pick any of these wines and impress the snobbiest connoisseurs; have yourself a rosé tasting with your friends while watching The Bachelorette; stock some options in your itty-bitty apartment to help you feel that much more adult. Whatever the context, find a list of quality bottles for less than $20 a bottle, ahead.

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