11 Reasons You Should Finally Try Charcoal Beauty Products

In the grand scheme of skin-care trends, it takes a pretty remarkable ingredient to stay in the limelight for long. Take charcoal, for example: We've already gone through the best products on the market and explained why this is an ingredient that truly deserves a place in your medicine cabinet. But, as it turns out, the inky stuff is far from a passing phase. The powerhouse detoxifier is still making its way into new skin-care products — including masks, face wipes, and even toothpaste — every day.

Ahead, we've rounded up the best new products laced with charcoal, plus a few that you might not have heard of before. From a mask that rids skin of oil (without the mess) to a toothbrush that naturally deodorizes, these aren't your average products. Click through our slideshow for nine reasons to jump on the charcoal bandwagon.

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