Activated Charcoal? Here's The 411 On Your New Favorite Beauty Ingredient

We know — activated charcoal sounds more like it belongs in a chemistry classroom rather than a makeup cabinet. This compound, however, is the new wunderkind of natural beauty and is making its way in all sorts of skin-care products. From solving acne to killing bad odors, activated charcoal has got you covered, but what exactly is it?
To find out more, we enlisted the help of Origins' senior vice president of product development, Lynn Mazzella, to answer a few questions about this new miracle element, which the beauty brand has utilized to create a great new mask called "Clear Improvement." Mazzella tells us that activated charcoal, which she specifies as bamboo charcoal, helps keep skin clear by acting "like a magnet" to draw dirt out of pores. She states that the charcoal mask not only cleans skin deeply by clearing pores but also improves the texture of the skin by removing dry patches.
Sounds great, right? To incorporate this new ingredient into your skin-care arsenal, try using these activated charcoal products, from masks like Origins', which Mazzella recommends using twice a week, to soaps that will also give your whole body that deep-cleaned look and feel. You can bet we're already stocking up on the wide array of products containing activated charcoal.

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