8 Cathy Horyn Quotes That Threw The Most Shade

Fashion Week, which starts in New York February 12, is going to be a hell of a lot more interesting this season, now that erstwhile New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn is back — this time wielding her poisonous pen for New York magazine's The Cut.
Horyn's cutting observations and inscrutable prose (example: "If irony is the thread that runs through modern fashion, then the Chanel cardigan jacket is the eye of the needle") have made her a divisive figure — both hated and revered for her barbed candor. Yet, Horyn's shade is not only deliciously mean, but also often on point. She's lambasted Vogue's tone-deaf treatment of the financial crisis, pointed out the increasing irrelevance of haute couture, and dropped all manner of truth bombs about the state of the industry. Here, we've rounded up eight of Horyn's best burns — from the gleefully catty to the revelatory. We've missed you, Cathy, and welcome back!

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