6 Canadian Style Bloggers You Need To Know Now

If you think there’s nothing north of the border besides lumberjacks and igloos, well, you could not be more wrong. Canada is a bubbling hub of fashion-forward influencers. What’s great about these True North and free pundits is that they stay grounded in their roots and never, ever underestimate the importance of a good plaid shirt.
They may have dreams of living fast and loose in the big city — or, (gasp!) in the U.S.A. — but these Canadians are tastemaking pros who know what’s next, no matter where they're located.
Click over to our list of the six must-bookmark bloggers as they spill their own secrets to success and repping their home country in style.
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Chloe Wise — Chloe Wise styles photo shoots, runs an online vintage shop, blogs, writes for Dress To Kill, tweets, and somehow finds time to be a full-time student at Concordia University in Montreal.

Her specialty is vintage, so whether it's on her blog or on her bod at Toronto Fashion Week, you can expect to always see her wearing something funky and repurposed. Oh, and if you're thinking this is just another personal style blog? Think again. In a wise move, Chloe Wise turned Naughty Mess from just a blog into a shopable vintage destination.

Shop Chloe’s painfully hip style on her blog Naughty Mess and follow her @naughtymess.

Photo: Courtesy of Naughty Mess
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Advice for aspiring bloggers?
"Be true to your style. Nobody wants to see a blog about recycled trends. Taking good pictures isn’t hard, just pick up a film camera and hang out with a friend. Easy."

Canada vs. U.S.A. Pick one.
"There’s something about the U.S.A, especially, New York, that’s intimidating and scary. Toronto feels so big but there’s room to collaborate with people. You can do something and it will be seen, not just lost in a sea of quantity."

Favorite piece of Canadiana?
"I love Drake! And, I love that we love Drake. You walk to the park and everyone’s playing his music. You still see him driving on the streets of Toronto — he winked at me once! We’re so proud of him."

Biggest fashion faux pas?
"Ed Hardy T-shirts. But with this whole flames-and-nineties trend right now I feel like they’re going to come back and be ironic soon enough."

Biggest Canadian fashion faux pas?
"Puffy winter jackets, worn open in a nightclub over a tight little dress."

You in three words.
"Witchy hippie schoolgirl."

Photo: Courtesy of Naughty Mess
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Erin Kleinberg & Stephanie Mark — If you think Canada is a place of Hudson’s Bay blankets, Canadian bacon, and hockey, you’re right. But, it’s also a place of hard-working fashion visionaries, and Erin and Stephanie are Canada’s best example.

The idea for their wildly successful blog (read: burgeoning online empire), The Coveteur, came to them over brunch in Toronto one day. Now, Erin and Stephanie document fashion’s tastemakers in the most intimate way possible — by going into their homes and photographing their most prized possessions. They blog, they are up to their eyeballs in collaborations with brands like Net-a-Porter and Holt Renfrew, and these two are only just getting warmed up.

Check out what’s new on The Coveteur and on Twitter @thecoveteur.

Photo: Jake Rosenberg
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How did The Coveteur begin?
SM: "It was really organic. Erin and I were out for brunch, talking about life and what direction we wanted to go in. We were really interested in the online sphere and were engaged by street style and various tastemakers."
EK: "We saw The Social Network the night before and that really kicked our asses into entrepreneurial gear! So, the idea came to us. We started to make a list of who we would like to see, we left the restaurant, and started to pitch it around."

Advice for aspiring bloggers?
EK: "It’s all about exclusive content. Not everyone can go to Simon Doonan’s house, but you should always try and keep pushing, because you never know what you’ll end up with. Even if you DM someone on Twitter and ask what their favorite lipstick is, that can be exclusive."
SM: "I think also utilizing the resources available to you. Putting yourself on Twitter, using Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. They’re free!"

Favorite pieces of Canadian nostalgia?
SM: "A good old Hudson’s Bay blanket. Oh, and bacon!"
EK: "Sidney Crosby when he helped us win the Olympics. You’ll never get between Canadians and their hockey."

What’s chic about Canada?
EK: "The attitude is chic. Whenever we meet people, they don’t understand why we’re so nice, why we’re so polite!"

What’s next for The Coveteur?
SM: "We are thinking about reformatting and adding some new elements to the site. Slowly but surely we are trying new things to expand the platform."

Photo: Jake Rosenberg
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Gracie Carroll — This Canadian blogger/publicity powerhouse has certainly paid her dues. After completing an internship at Teen Vogue, Gracie spent two undoubtedly glamorous years in London assisting the Fashion Features Director of ELLE UK, editrix extraordinaire Rebecca Lowthorpe. Now she’s back, writing for top Canadian publications like ELLE Canada and blogging about everything glamorous north of the 49th parallel.

What’s chic in Toronto? Check what Gracie Caroll has to say. Or follow her @graciecarroll.

Photo: Adam Moco
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Advice for aspiring bloggers?
"Really take a look around and see what else is out there. Anyone can have a blog, but that doesn’t mean anyone should have a blog. There’s no point in starting one if it’s going to be the same as a million other ones."

Must haves for this season?
"I would really love a blue Balenciaga leather motorcycle jacket. A Céline bag wouldn’t really hurt anybody either."

Favorite piece of Canadiana?
"Maple bacon, it’s the most delicious thing ever! And eating maple bacon on Canadian Thanksgiving!"

What’s the biggest Canadian fashion faux pas?
"Wearing Roots sweatpants with moccasins. And a Canada Goose bomber puffer. With a little Louis Vuitton bag."

You in three words.
"Eclectic. Sporty. High/low."

Photo: David Gillespie
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Petra Collins — Imagine being too young to legally buy Jacques, the erotic publication your photographs are featured in. And then Tavi calls you up to shoot some editorials for the girlie zine of the moment, Rookie. Add a recent contributing photographer credit in Vogue Italia and you’ve got Canada’s hardest-working rising photoblogger, Petra Collins.

Collins curates The Ardorous, a photography-based art blog with contributions from female artists from around the world. Pretty impressive considering Petra has received no formal training, and she was taking filtered photos way before Instagram was cool.

Check out Petra’s work and her team of artists’ submissions on The Ardorous and find her on Twitter @petracollins.

Photo: Courtesy of The Ardorous
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What’s your advice for aspiring photographers?
"I don’t even know how I became a photographer; I never got any formal training. Keep taking photos and don’t get discouraged. Make mistakes: That’s the only way you can learn."

Canada ss. U.S.A. Pick one.
"Living in Canada is way better, it’s just a kinder place to live. But, I love the U.S. aesthetically — I could take pictures in LA forever."

Best Canadian publication?
"I love Bad Day. It’s usually all one color, in a bit of a cute zine format and they interview all these artists."

Favorite Canadiana?
"I really like the winters aesthetically, when you’re driving through the country. But then you come back to the city and have to live in it and it’s the worst!"

You in three words.
"Kind of crazy."

Photo: Courtesy of The Ardorous
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Andrew Chipman — One wouldn’t typically think of Winnipeg as a fashion capital of North America. Andrew Chipman begs to differ. “The shopping is sparse,” says Chipman, “but Winnipeg makes up for it with great thrift stores.”

Chipman has his own stranger-in-a-strange-land, Winnipeg-based fashion blog (yes, you read that correctly) and also contributes to cool-kid MTV-fashion-and-lifestyle brand Fora. But he doesn’t let his rural location get in his way; Mr. Chipman has made it his personal mission to glamorize Winnipeg, one DIY project or thrift hunt at a time.

You can find out what’s hot in Winnipeg on his blog Pull Teeth or on Twitter @pullteeth.

Photo: Courtesy of Pull Teeth
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Advice for aspiring bloggers?
"Create your own success, voice, and brand. Try to teach yourself some basic HTML and photoshop skills. I think a beautiful layout and nicely edited photos are a huge advantage on a successful blog."

What is Canadian style?
"There needs to be a sense of practicality and variety in a Canadian’s closet. You won’t see a smart Canadian splurging on sandals they’ll only get to wear for three months a year."

Biggest fashion faux pas?
"Wearing sunglasses inside, especially to fashion events!"

Biggest Canadian fashion faux pas?
"Under dressing the first day the weather is above freezing after winter. Our winters are long so people get anxious to wear their summer clothes too early."

What’s chic about Canada?
"Free healthcare. Holt Renfrew. Poutine."

You in three words.
"Easy. Breezy. Beautiful."

Photo: Courtesy of Pull Teeth
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Sarah Nicole Prickett — Ms. Prickett is a professional writer, but her web presence is so pervasive we just had to add her to the list. Sarah’s gigs include writer for the Globe & Mail arts section, constant contributor at Fashion magazine, occasional partygoer for Style.com, and writer for a dozen or so other publications.

She recently pulled a Carrie Bradshaw with her up-and-move to New York City in pursuit of the coolest clothes, best designer talents, and painfully hip haunts. But don’t mistake her for another standard fashion girl — Ms. Prickett has brains and wit to boot, and, in her own words, will never be “fucking boring.”

Catch Sarah on SNP and follow her @snpsnpsnp.

Photo: Courtesy of SNP
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How has New York changed you?
"It’s too recent to really know. I think I changed, and because of those changes came to New York. Oh wait, no! I lied. I wear more black now and have less money and find myself really and truly hating vast swaths of Brooklyn. And I order in too much."

Advice for aspiring fashion journalists?
"When you’re sitting waiting forever for a show to begin, don’t read the show notes. Read the news. One will make you worse at your job and the other will make you better."

Biggest Canadian fashion faux pas?
"Putting on full lumberjack regalia to go get an organic green smoothie from Fresh."

Favorite Canadian publication?
"Fashion is old family to me; I interned there in 2008 and everything for me happened after that."

What’s chic about Canada? "Chic? Um, there’s a lot of negative space."

Favorite piece of Canadian nostalgia?
"I dislike Canadiana but really miss riding my bike on empty streets. And Caesars!"

You in three words.
"Tomboy meets femme."

Photo: Courtesy of SNP

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