9 Ways To Get Your Financial Life In Order, Straight From Your Phone

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Your phone is already your mall, your matchmaker, and, courtesy of Spotify's "Discover Weekly" playlist, your personal emcee, so it makes sense that it can also serve as your financial advisor. And we're not talking about Siri serving up investment advice, although she can help you make Venmo payments. Instead, we're referring to the many apps and chatbots that sync with your bank accounts and credit cards, to give you total control straight from your homescreen.
Of course, as is the case for shopping and music apps, there are plenty of banking apps that aren't worth downloading, and that will only make you more frustrated with your finances. But there are a select number that not only help you stay on top of paying bills, but also work behind the screen to find areas where you can automatically be saving more. And once you put in the minimal legwork required to download the app, set up an account, and sync it with your finances, you can sit back and let the app do its work.
So, where other New Year's resolutions might require more time and energy, your money-related goals can, in many cases, be easier, simply by automating the process. We talked to Priya Malani, a partner at Stash Wealth, for her input on apps that can help. Ahead, nine downloads that will put more money in your savings account, rescue you from stepping foot in the bank, and make sure you never pay another overdue fee again.

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