30 Badass Braid Ideas For Every Hair Length

Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images.
There's only so much you can do to your lips before you venture into ridiculous territory and start applying 100 layers of gloss, pressing on crystals, or smearing wasabi paste all over them. Ditto for nails — you can adjust the shape, color, or texture, or even glue on gizmos and gadgets...but that's about it.
Braids, though, are a whole other story. The number of ways in which they can be varied and tweaked — no matter the length or style of your cut — really seems endless. You can knot 'em, wrap them around the crown, switch up your weaving style midway, or, depending on your manual dexterity, you could even attempt a 10-strand plait.
To prove their power, we've got 30 unexpected braid ideas ahead — but only because we didn't think you could make it through 1,000.

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