Nerd Alert: 10 Amazing L.A. Bookstores We’re Flipping Over

Before iPads, Netflix, and a whole slew of Internet distractions came along, all we used to need jog the ol' imagination was a few hours flipping through the pages of a favorite novel. Don't get us wrong. We love a good TV-show marathon, and we're not against perusing a lengthy tome on a new e-reader (our lightened handbags are certainly grateful), but there's something to be said for digging through the dusty corners of cool, local bookstores.
Sure there’s Barnes & Noble, but who wants to deal with such a behemoth, when there are plenty of charming spots all around town to get your bookworm on in style?
After searching far and wide (yes, we sat in traffic just for you!), we’ve found ten killer bookshops worth bookmarking! From first edition Austens and brand-new Haruki Murakamis to travel journals jam-packed with insider advice, these collections are brimming with hard copies you can really feel. So, click through our L.A. bookstore bible, and instead of following some random Amazon top-ten list, chat with a sweet shopkeeper who will happily align your passions with some real page-turners!
Photo: Via Taschen.