Blizzard Essentials For Every Winter Style Personality

Usually you're the prepared one — you always pack for trips a week early (following the no-fail list you crafted, of course), you never forget a friend's birthday, and you had all your holiday gifts purchased before mid-December. And yet, when the real winter weather finally hits (we're talking major snow in the forecast), it always feels like a race against the clock to get the gear you really need to be prepared. Before you know it, you're scrambling to order a new coat or mittens before that first flurry.
So, to be as ready for an unexpected blizzard as you usually are for everything else in life, we've compiled the ultimate list of goods to make things a breeze. And they're all sorted according to your cold-weather personality: Are you all about hitting the snow in style? Are you more concerned with pieces that will actually keep you warm? Or maybe you don't care about things being "cute" at all, and just want your blizzard necessities to be affordable. (You know how easy it is to lose a glove, after all.) Whatever the case may be, the 30 must-haves ahead will help you be all set for whenever snow comes your way.

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