I Tried 20 Trendy Anti-Anxiety Products & These 8 Actually Work

If your shoulders are tense, you're constantly on a deadline, or you suffer from anxiety, you're not alone. There's a lot to worry about these days: Politics. Relationships. The pressure to succeed in our jobs. Did you remember to turn off the coffee pot this morning? How long is an acceptable amount of time to wait to text back your love interest? Ten minutes? Ten hours? Ten days? Speaking of counting the days, when was your last period — are you late? You get the point.
Life can turn you into a nail-biting ball of tension and nerves.
Luckily, there are tons of remedies out there, from therapy to weighted blankets to peppermint tea. For the record, there's a difference between feeling anxious and being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, which is one of the most common mental health problems in America and deserves proper and professional care.
However, if you're just looking for something to help you chill out, we've taken it upon ourselves to test over 20 of the trendiest anti-anxiety and stress-reducing products out there. There were definitely some duds — puppy slippers, unique pillows, and cheesy journals didn't make the cut — but we basked in the eight tranquilizing apps and knickknacks below until our heart rates were low, and our spirits were high.