Watch New Yorkers Shoplift On Video

We're coming clean—we've shoplifted. Ok, ok, we were four and it was a piece of Bazooka chewing gym, but still, not one of our proudest moments. Apparently, though, for some New Yorkers, a five finger discount is perfectly acceptable, judging by this video posted by Ben Sherman. During Fashion Week, the British brand put the honesty of city shoppers to the test by taking their "shop load of shirts" concept to the street—hanging lots of plaid button-downs on the outside of their SoHo store's windows. The Sherman crew then surreptitiously filmed what happened next for a short movie called "Ben Sherman gets Nicked in New York." What starts as a dude stuffing a shirt into his bag turns into all-out pandemonium by nightfall—it's not exactly shoplifting, but the moral line is unclear—what's your stance? Peep the flick below to see some lifting in action (and some uber-guilty looks)!