Joyful Movement: A Week Of Exercises To Ease You Into Your Fitness Resolution

Illustrated by Richard Chance.
Welcome to the first week of joyful movement. While we encourage you to find and stick to activities that you truly enjoy, we’ve compiled a 21-day guide to help you figure out what that could actually entail.
Each day, we suggest an activity, workout, or class to try that you might be into. If you come across something that’s too advanced or not your taste, just skip it. This program is about discovering what you like and challenging your beliefs about what your body can and can’t do.
Throughout the week, we’ve also worked in “rest days,” which are exactly what they sound like. They’re days when you should take a break and reflect on the activities you did earlier in the week. What surprised you, what bored you, and what would you try again? Could these activities be classified as "joyful movements" for you? Then there are your "free days" sprinkled throughout the week, which are there for you to pick any activity you’d like to do.
Here are the first week of exercise suggestions. On Sunday, January 6, we’ll be releasing the second week of activity ideas. Enjoy — really!
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