32 Beauty Products To Match Your Aura

If you've logged on to Instagram lately, you've likely seen a photo or two of friends showing off their auras. It's usually a portrait photo of them against a black background, puffs of color swirling around their heads. Those colors represent the person's aura, which seeress and medicine woman Deborah Hanekamp describes as the "energy fields that represent our current state of mind."
Hanekamp offers aura and energy readings during her Medicine Readings, which are available in New York City. But there have been dozens of other readers popping up across the country. The reasons people get their auras read vary, but most clients use it as a way to help tap into their emotional states. The different colors in an aura represent the various strengths and qualities of a person. And while auras tend to change from day to day (or, in some cases, hour to hour), most of us have a base color that tends to be fairly constant.
So if you've recently gotten your aura read and are interested in using it to make small improvements in your life, we've got your beauty regimen covered. With the help of Hanekamp, we broke down exactly what each color of the aura means, and then paired the colors with products to complement. Click through to see what your energy field is telling you. Hey, it might point you in the direction of a perfume or lipstick you never would have considered before.

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