9 Products To Upgrade Your In-Flight Beauty Routine

Nothing makes you feel grimier faster than lugging your suitcases through baggage check, waiting in long security lines, and rushing through terminals for a connecting flight. And, the absolute worst part of flying? Watching the TSA rifle through your beauty bag and toss out all your full-sized stuff.
But, that doesn't mean you have to dump all your pretty products into clear, generic 3.4 fl oz containers. After all, there's nothing less glamorous than whipping out a sad little bottle from your purse with a handwritten label that says "LOTION."
When the very act of flying zaps all the moisture from your skin, leaves your hair oily and your eyes red and puffy, there are a few absolute necessities that you need to sneak into your carry-on. Ahead, we've rounded up the best beauty products to spruce up while on a flight (and after) that are all TSA-approved: No generic bottles required.

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