Can One Beauty Buy Really Replace All Your Makeup?

We're not here to point fingers, but there are plenty of labels out there that straight-up lie. They don't deliver your silkiest hair, they don't stick to your lips for 48 hours, and they don't clear up your zits overnight. It's an unfortunate fact of the beauty biz.
We consider ourselves skeptics because of this. So, when we started hearing more and more about do-it-all balms and products that could seemingly cure all of our woes, our side-eyes came out in full force. These balms claim to help myriad skin issues — from flakiness to sunburn to acne. But, can one product truly do it all?
Being the curious kids we are (coupled with weather that made our collective skins freak out), we decided to put these balms to the test. We ditched our moisturizers for an entire week and set forth into unknown territory. Would our skin be better for it? Would we ditch our face creams permanently and shack up with these miracle workers?
Click through to read our results. Hey, maybe miracles do happen.

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