5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 02 2010

A replica of the 1966 Batmobile was seen all over SoHo Halloween evening. Batman's still has our back, apparently. (Bowery Boogie)
Kim Kardashian dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood while celebrating Halloween at Lavo in NYC. A corset, lots of cleavage, and red stilettos? How original. (Daily Mail)
Protesters of Maura Kelly's anti-fat sentiments staged a "kiss-in" Friday night outside of the Hearst building. Definitely more effective than a picket sign. (Racked)
Where can ex-Beatrice Inn regulars go to get their nightlife scene? Well, apparently, nothing beats the original, but here are some places that try. (Guest of a Guest)
Speaking of the Bea, famed former Inn doorman Angelo Bianchi has opened a Pizza joint. Domino's, its not. (Grub Street)

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