15 Sand Castles That Are Blowing Our Minds

Does your grand plan for building a sand castle this summer require just a single bucket? And maybe a stick for a flag? Ours, too. But, as usual, there are some people out there who are a bit more ambitious. All over the world, professionals and amateurs alike hit the beach for a little artistic fun in the sun, and the results are seriously amazing.

Whether you’re beach-bound this summer or just dreaming from your desk, we’ve rounded up 15 massively impressive sand sculptures we spotted on Pinterest, for some sunny inspiration.

Does it come with a crown?

Like a fancy beach bonfire.

Seriously, how?

For the beachgoer with modern taste.

The detail!

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When can we move in?

A photo posted by Kiran Kaur (@kirrraaan) on

Creative and topical.

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Visit the world's most iconic buildings all at once.

A literal take on getting lost on the beach.

A temporary work of art.

This sandcastle proves optical illusions are amazing everywhere.

This is even bigger than Monica Geller's apartment.

As if just the castle weren't magical enough.

Definitely not a sand castle.

So. Much. Fun.

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