Is It Ever Okay To Tip 1%? This One-Percenter Thinks So

Between customers always being right and barking at you from every direction, dealing with a fussy manager, and being on your feet for eight hours straight, working in the food biz can be a beyond-grueling gig. So, when some dimwit forgets his or her dining etiquette, and tips below 15 percent (the nerve!) — it’s enough to send any server (or any mere mortal, really) over the edge. But when that woe-is-me diner also happens to fall into the 1%, um, well that’s just insanely inappropriate behavior.

According to LAist, one disgruntled restaurant goer, who just happened to also be a big-time banker (his "future-ex" employee snapped the pic), added insult to injury, tipping a measly 1%, plus a “tip” of his own on one waitress’ bill. Apparently, the guy hates hearing about the Occupy movement so much that if you mention it in his presence you are doomed. “Get a real job,” reads the utterly jerky note on the True Food Kitchen tab — which left $1.33 on a $133.54 bill. Cringe!

UPDATE: Ugh, this always happens — we've been alerted that this was indeed a major fake-out. But yay (!), at least people in this town aren't total a-holes.

Photo: Via LAist