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This Iconic Bracelet Is About To Have A Major Comeback

While it might go down just a little bit differently in real life, we like to think that at the beginning of each season, a high council of the jewelry Illuminati gathers to rule on the ~new aesthetic~ and what the next "it" body part for adorning will be. "Tibias and tracheas are so hot right now," they declared at the last meeting — which explains why all we want to wear this summer are anklets and whimsical beaded necklaces.
But what comes after the ankle/neck-centric times we're living (and accessorizing) in now? Thanks to some insider info, we've got the answer: the oft-neglected wrist, decorated with a bracelet shape many of us haven't seen since we were learning about PEMDAS.
That's right: The bangle is back, though it's emphatically not the same as the armful you wore as you hustled to Honors English. It's quieter, in acoustics and design. It's sophisticated. And it can fit any personal style — especially if you choose the Pandora Signature I-D Bangle.
With a unique half-squared, half-rounded profile, each bracelet is hand-finished in sterling silver, 14k rose gold plating, or 14k gold plating, so you can create a stack that's all you. (Yes, mixing metals is not only allowed, but highly encouraged). And priced at $90 to $200, it can be an affordably luxe gift from you to you for being ahead of the trend curve. Shop all three styles below, and go down in history as one of the first to kick off the Great Bangle Boom Of 2021.

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