Balancing High Fashion And High School: Jane By Design

Dunno about y’all, but we spent a lot of high school daydreaming about living a high-flyin’ fashion life while cramming for the AP English exam (aced it, BTW). But in all that fantasizing, though, we never imagined balancing both senior year and and a spring collection. But, such is the crazy life of the protagonist of a new ABC Family original series Jane by Design — a fun little romp where the eponymous Jane bounces between her high school homeroom and the high-style boardroom of a popular fashion house. Not just that, but young Miss Jane (played by Erica Dasher) can’t let her judgy classmates, her glam boss, the cute guys she meets at work and school know about either side of her stylish double life. Drrrrama, right? Judging from the previews, the series seems to be a frothy mix of ol’ faves like Ugly Betty and Gilmore Girls with a crazy-aspirational wardrobe. Haute couture and homecoming jitters? You know we’ll be tuning in January 3rd for the premiere, not to mention every Tuesday at 9/8c. Care to join us in a little fantasizing?
Photos courtesy of ABC Family.

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