7 Gross Beauty Habits We All Need To Stop Doing In Public

We don't like the government telling anyone what to do with their bodies — unless it's to ask them to stop cutting their toenails on the L Train. It's the kind of reminder you wouldn't think we needed, and yet: We saw two people whip out a pair of clippers just this past week.
The truth is, we could probably fill an entire subway car with PSAs of beauty habits we can all acknowledge are better left out of the public forum. And we're not talking about swiping on lipstick — while not everyone agrees, putting on makeup in public is your choice. These are the practices that put you and fellow riders at risk — of contamination or just feeling personally victimized by the site of your nail clippings flying over their morning latte.
Check 'em out ahead, and leave your personal gripes in the comments below.

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