Bad Girls Club: The Polka-Dot Chaos of “Daisies”

In Vera Chytilova's 1966 Czech New Wave film Daisies, a stylishly vivid farce begins when Marie I and Marie II contemplate life in a princess crown of daisies and strapless gingham bikinis. Deciding it feels good to be bad girls they embark on a modish, well-dressed montage of unruly behavior.
Applying cat-eye make up, pinning tousled hair into pigtails, mixing bright colors, sexy monochromatic dresses and naughty 1950's style spiked hi-heels they con sugar daddies, lie, steal, get drunk and smoke. Scissor fighting and bbq-ing sausages in a bedroom bonfire is done in mismatched satin and lace lingerie of course.
The two Maries deliriously wreck havoc with a food fight, devour cake, drink bottles of Johnny Walker, and strip tease to surf music on a banquet table-cum-catwalk. Ingeniously hiking up a printed chiffon slip for a sweetly risque mini-dress and using the chandelier as a swing, Marie I and Marie II laugh giddily and survey their beautiful destruction below.
Find a playfully anarchic aesthetic fit for any bad girl in the black knotted tee dress by Obesity and Speed, a pair of green Dries Van Noten stilettos, the Stella McCartney Eve Giggling bra and a gingham-ruffle panty from Steven Alan.

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